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Over 40 vibrant natural shades to match the color of your hair. Strands are available in lengths from 8 inches to 24 inches. Accommodating an individual's hair density can be achieved by converting standard bonds to create fine, extra fine and custom sizes.


Practically undetectable, this allows the hair to naturally lay flat and soft against the scalp. Hair dreams hair is integrated seamlessly into your own hair, making visible transitions a thing of the past. Perfect wearing comfort and an amazingly soft and natural look. 


Beads that link the hair to the extensions. Each strand has a link on it, and your stylist puts your hair through it and it is clamped down to secure each extension. With the micro-link technique, one small strand of extensions and your real hair are linked together


Quick, easy, and temporary do it yourself approach to achieving longer and fuller hair, with no pain, or damage to your hair. They are easily to put on and off and can be perfectly matched and blended with your own hair to create length, emphasize volume, or even to add highlights to your natural hair.


This type of hair extension is applied to an individual’s hair using a heat gun. They come in different hair strands. Each hair strand has a glue pre-installed at the end of it. A heat gun, (fusion connector), will be used so that the glue is melted on your real hair. It solidifies the keratin bond.


Here at Empress Hair salon, we create a natural hairline for your wig by using lace fronting. This wig isn't styled, but made especially for you, your face shape and your own unique style is displayed. They are the most natural looking options.


Weaves are meant to last for several weeks. A weave is sewn directly into natural hair, accentuating and beautifying it. Weaves add length and/or fullness to your hair. Weaves are sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair.


Box braids are individual plaits, usually divided by small squared off parts. Synthetic or natural hair is added to the braid for length as well as thickness and fullness. They are not attached to the scalp and are long lasting.


Dreadlocks are rope-like clumps of hair formed by your hair getting matted together. Dreadlocks are formed through various different methods that can allow you to control their shape and make them very appealing to your unique taste.


Remaking hair’s texture through permanent wave formulas alter hair’s natural behaviour for increased ease of styling. Perm formulas reduce the need for harsh chemicals, eliminate post service odour and lock in conditioning.


We believe in creating hairstyles that are modern and fashionable. Innovative hairstyles are cut with a strong technical base to give a textured personalized look by our advanced cutting techniques.


A fade can be added to any type, length or style of hair. A fade takes hair from short to even shorter. The three main types of fade haircuts are low, medium and high fades. Our expert hair stylists will work with you to achieve that show stopping fade.


Simple haircut designs, such as lines cut into a fade, can be stylish yet understated. Some hair designs look best cut with a straight razor. A skin fade or disconnected undercut on the sides is the perfect canvas for a hair line design.

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